01 setembro 2006

A lista

São sete os edifícios escolhidos por Sudjic em sua lista derradeira. Todos os arquitetos são europeus. Uma escolha devera parcial...

As 'linhas da beleza', são:

"Science Centre, Wolfsburg, by Zaha Hadid, 2003
'Revolutionary is a word to be used as sparingly as possible, but Zaha Hadid's new science centre, an astonishing, exhilarating concrete and steel vortex of a building, is one of those few constructions that fully justifies its use.'

Music Hall, Porto, by Rem Koolhaas, 2005
'The Casa da Musica is a remarkably compact, angular, white concrete mushroom that explodes every preconception of what a concert hall should be and how it should look.'

Scottish Parliament Building, by Enric Miralles, 2004
'One of the finest pieces of new architecture in Britain for 50 years ... a lyrical and complex composition of oak, granite and steel, half-buried in a meadow and wrapped into Edinburgh's medieval fabric.'

Prada shop, Tokyo, by Herzog and de Meuron, 2003
'A beautiful building, put together with the finesse of Japanese craftsmanship and Swiss determination. It is also the start of architecture's next big thing.'

Selfridges, Birmingham, by Future Systems, 2003
'You can see it for miles off, popping up like an unlikely soap bubble from the midst of the discount jean stalls in the market halls of the Bull Ring.'

Novy Dvur monastery, Czech Republic, by John Pawson, 2004
'For Pawson, who has, until now, worked mostly at the scale of the domestic house, it is a profound and impressive demonstration of his abilities with a much larger scope.'

Swiss Re Tower, London, by Norman Foster and Partners, 2004
'Without a single column to interrupt your gaze, you are overwhelmed by the sense of power that oozes from every piece of steel, aluminium, glass and granite.'"



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